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Timesheet processing is another piece of the OnTrax core functionality and helps to round out this robust business solution.

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- Only enter time against projects you have been   assigned to

- Quickly add comments to draw attention to
  individual entries.
- Enter time remotely via the web based entry screen.
- Submit timesheets for manager approval through a
  click of the mouse.


- Approve, reject and add comments to timesheets and
  expense entries.

- Up to the minute views of users entry status.

- Temporarily assign timesheets approval rights to a
  surrogate while on vacation.

- Generate hard copies of timesheets for signed
   approvals and manager reviews.
- Create secure electronic timesheets for easy email
transfer or printing.
- View online time tracking or expense report information.

OnTrax time tracking software simplifies the time entry process reducing errors and increasing the likelihood of approval the first time around.

Managers - How can fully automated timesheets benefit me?
Streamline Processing - Eliminate paper and/or redundant systems and related overhead.
Automated Reminders - Broadcast scheduled timesheets reminders to your user community.
Tighter Controls - Set up and enforce individual user rules by project.
Know your business - In depth views of project hours and costs keep you on top of developing trends in your organization.
Flexibility- Utilize block time entry or start & end  time for timesheets entries.
Improved Communications - Broadcast on screen time entry messages individualized by projects.
Improved Communications - Broadcast scheduled timesheets reminders to your user community.
Increase Profits - Manage resources with improved precision.
Increase Profits - Compare Billable and Non-Billable hours with ease.
Users - How can automated timesheets benefit me?
Accessibility- OnTrax integrated timesheets allow users to enter timesheets remotely via a web browser.
Easy to use - No more paper timesheets to keep track of.
Easy to use - Submit timesheets from anywhere at any time.
Easy to use - Simply point and click the system does the rest.
Easy to use - Add comments to timesheets for manager review.
Piece of mind - Check status of timesheets in real time.
How can OnTrax Time Tracking Software benefit your organization?
- OnTrax Timesheets Software streamlines the timesheets and time tracking process.
- OnTrax Timesheets Software is highly accessible allowing for timely timesheets submissions.
- OnTrax Timesheets Software reduces user errors improving organizational efficiencies.
- OnTrax Timesheets Software reduces inaccurate time/project entries.
- OnTrax Timesheets Software reduces overhead through electronic submissions.
- OnTrax Timesheets Software consolidates data improving analysis capabilities.