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Integration Modules Will Export:
-Payroll Data - Pay your hourly/salaried employees with accuracy.
-Customer Invoices - Bill your customers for time and expenses seamlessly via the
  Quickbooks interface. Choose from multiple invoice detail levels.
-Vendor Billing - When creating outgoing bills for your customers, automatically create
  incoming bills in your accounting package for time / expenses provided to you by
  outside vendors

All Integration Modules come standard with:

    Delta export capabilities - The ability to export only the new/changed data. Eliminate   the worry of double counting and overlapping selection criteria. Let OnTrax manage
      the changes for you!

    Full Export Capabilities - For those customers who would like to change selection
      criteria from week to week without using our custom delta export capabilities.

    Easy to Use and Understand - Rich functionality with an easy to use interface.

    Centralized Export Storage - All export files are stored in the OnTrax Business
      Document Store for future access when needed.

    Security - Feel secure knowing that OnTrax's centralized security is keeping
      your data safe.

    Fully Web Enabled - Utilize from any location. You only need web access to OnTrax.

Please call our sales department or your customer service representative for a current list of available and upcoming integration modules.

Considerations: When you chose OnTrax Manager as your project management software, you are actually purchasing:
    • Project management software
    • Project planning software
    Budgeting software
    Time tracking software
    Timesheet software
OnTrax takes project management software to the next level by providing project planning software, budgeting and cost tracking capabilities in one complete project management software solution.

Why are integration capabilities so important in an application that includes project planning software? Project management software?

Project management software should not only provide the functionality of a time tracking or timesheet package , but should integrate seamlessly within your organization. It is essential in today's IT environment that a product be able to communicate well with other 3rd party applications.

The Ontrax Manager project management software application has import and export capabilities build from the ground up. This gives the users the flexibility to extract or import data while defining the export fields and load type desired. OnTrax Manager is the only time tracking software that allows for DELTA (only new records) data exports to reduce data volume and network load. OnTrax manager is the only project management software that lets its users self define both the source of data being exported and the summary level of the data being exported.

Try the OnTrax Manager project management software online system or download our project management software and see for yourself the flexibility that only OnTrax Manager gives you!

What you get from Integration Technology, Inc – Maker of OnTrax Manager:
We here at Integration Technology, Inc have put best of breed functionality into our project planning software / project management software capabilities. After years of dealing with separate project planning software, timesheet software, budgeting software, and project management software, our organization built an integrated project management software that is comparable to the best available. We are 100% committed to continually enhancing our software to make it both functionally rich and easy to use.

Why? purchase individual packages such as:

Project management software
Timesheet software
Budgeting software
Project Planning software

When you can get it all from OnTrax manager. The only project management software that gives it all to you on one complete package!

Questions? If you have questions about our project management software please call and talk to one of our project management software experts today.

OnTrax Manager – Takes import & export capabilities of a project management software to a new level!