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- Generate electronic time sheets for easy approval,
  e-mail transfer or printing.
- Analyze cost variances, time sheets or expense report by user and period.
- Quickly view time sheets and expense report approvals
- Retrieve/review detailed time sheets and expense report approval statuses efficiently.

- View project costs, expense report or time sheets
  efficiently, opening the door to improve profitability.
- Analyze cost trends over all project phases leading up to completion.
- Get real time views of expense report, project
  profitability, cost overruns.
- Analyze resource allocations, expense report or time
  sheets across projects and periods.
- View detailed time sheets and expense report items

- Compare budget vs. actual detail across periods.
- Know the budgetary health of your projects at all times.
- Assess budgetary needs efficiently and effectively.
- Gain the knowledge you need to more accurately
  budget future initiatives.

OnTrax offers a standard set of reports that will get you up and running quickly and efficiently. Reporting is an essential part of our project planning software. Each of the application sections are complete with custom reports designed to get the most out of your mission critical data. All reports utilize user driven parameters allowing you to focus on the specific criteria you are interested in. Each report offers a real time look into the inner workings of your organization allowing for up to the minute analysis of mission critical business functions.

Data Security – The Reporting Window conforms to the high standards of security demonstrated throughout the OnTrax Manager – Project Planning Software. Authorizations are managed through a strict object based architecture that only allows users to report on pertinent corporate data for their defined projects and profile. With OnTrax you can be sure that users only see time sheet, expense report and budgetary information that is applicable to that user's profile.

Report Security and Portability – All reports are generated in a read only .pdf format ensuring the reports integrity. OnTrax reports can also be easily saved to a network, printed or e-mailed to appropriate parties for review.

OnTrax Reporting Window offers an easy to use interface designed with your needs in mind. OnTrax comes complete with a standard set of reports designed to get you up and running quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Data at your fingertips – OnTrax project planning software offers a flexible view into your organizations inner workings. If its time sheets, expense report, budgeting or projects we have you covered.

How can OnTrax project management software benefit my organization?
- Analyze time sheets & expense report allocations by time period.
- Gain access to time sheets, expense report and budgeting information in an easy to use
   and timely fashion.
- Analyze time sheets & expense report allocations by category across projects.
-Reduce overhead and paper costs with electronic versions of time sheets and expense
   report data.
- Analyze time sheets & expense report allocations by user across projects.
- Improve efficiencies with electronic transfer of time sheets and expense report data.
- Improve budgetary awareness with up to the minute reports on approved and pending
   time sheets and expense report entries.
- Analyze time sheets & expense report allocations by project within budgets.
-Retain easy access to historical expense report and time sheet data.