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Increase profits and reduce wasteful spending while allocating costs accurately!
Project Costing is standard functionality in OnTrax Manager and helps to round out this robust business solution.


-Recognize Profit and Costs at their actual sources

- Bill customers and pay vendors with accuracy and confidence.
- Real time view of project costs and
  employee profitability


- Track costs at any level of detail

-One source for your entire project related cost(s)
  and expense(s)
- Flexible – Track and Report on costs / expenses the
  way your organization works


- Seamless integration with Payroll and Accounting

-Manage Costly overruns with project plan
  vs. actual reporting
- Plan costs more effectively by gaining insight into
  your organization

- Recognize Profit and Costs at their actual source

- Project Planning with multiple plan versions lets you revise your plan to remain
  on target, OnTrax., under budget
- Interface with leading accounting and payroll packages to seamlessly bill your
  customers and pay your resources (employees/vendors)
- Completely customizable authorizations allow customizing on each and every
  project or take a global approach and lock local variations
- Set both internal (cost) and external (billable) rates at a project/item/user level
  or default to the user's standard rates if desired, Completely flexible
- Communicate with system users by adding project specific text/messages
  that appear on the time sheet entry, expense entry, and general expense
  entry screens
- Track an employees cost/profitability by project, project item, weekly, monthly,
  fiscally etc…

Why use OnTrax Project Management / Activity Based Costing software?

- Activity based costing is at the heart of our project costing application.
- Activity based costing provides a base for project planning, organizational budgeting
  and time and attendance tracking.
- The OnTrax version of project management / activity based costing software lets an
  organization track costs/expenses through time sheets (similar to separate timesheet
  software packages), user entered cost/expense data and if desired, 3rd party
  cost/expense data.
- Activity based costing gives a manager a window into how their organization is
- Activity based costing gives management the capability to better plan and budget

With OnTrax project / activity based costing, not only can you collect timesheets similar to other time sheet software applications but you can collect / compare your actual / plan data on a fiscal basis. OnTrax is the only activity based costing / timesheet software application available to give its users the ability budget / plan on a fiscal basis.

How easy is it to use the OnTrax project costing / activity based costing software?
    • Our project / activity based costing module provides the flexibility to operate the way
      that your organization operates while providing the ease of use few project / activity
      based costing applications can.
    • In as little as one day (varies upon the desired use), your organization could be using
      the OnTrax project costing / activity based costing solution.
What are the benefits of OnTrax Manager’s project management / activity based costing software?
    Streamline your organization by using state of the art time tracking software.
    Reduce the user acceptance time that other timesheet software packages experience.
    • Timesheets are submitted easily and quickly, allowing for more accurate and up to date
      project / activity based costing.
    • Project planning / organizational budgeting becomes more accurate through single point
      data collection.