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At Integration Technology, Inc. ©, there is no higher commitment than supporting its entire customer base at every turn in the road. In certain circumstances where the standard support is not enough, we are proud to offer the following:

Implementation Services – An organization may have limited staff available to install, configure and deploy a new IT solution. For those customers who may require it, we would be happy to assist you with your implementation needs.

Training – Additional training materials can be obtained for OnTrax Manager. Please contact your customer account representative or call our sales department for more information.

Data Integration – Large organizations using disparate systems will always have data integration requirements. If the OnTrax import / export utilities do not meet your requirements please contact your customer account representative for more information.

Custom Reporting - Unique situations may arise where a customer wishes to have a modified version of a standard OnTrax report. We would be happy to assist you in your unique reporting needs. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Standard Maintenance Program*

 • Unlimited technical support Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm EST
 • All product updates
 • Major and minor releases
 • Service Releases

*Maintenance program is included for 1 year for all customers. Program includes changes/enhancements to modules already purchased by the customer. New modules/functionality outside the modules purchased are not included and must be purchased separately. Customer will designate two customer support contacts for issue resolution.

Considerations: When you chose OnTrax Manager as your project management / activity based costing software, you are actually purchasing:

    Project management software
    Project planning & activity based costing software
    Budgeting software
    Time tracking software (timesheet tracking)
    Expense software & expense report functionality
OnTrax takes project management software to the next level by providing planning, budgeting, cost and timesheet tracking capabilities in one complete project management software. Coupled with a robust reporting system, Ontrax will replace all disparate systems in your organization.

Imagine removing the paper expense report from the piles of paperwork and using state of the art timesheets to deliver the information electronically! Our robust timesheet tracking features will deliver concise answers to what was delivered by each employee, right down to the activity based costing level!

Why should you chose OnTrax as your project management / activity based costing software?
Project management software should provide timesheet tracking via timesheets, expense tracking with a multitude of expense report capabilities, and planning functionality that is flexible yet secure enough to meet the needs of your organization. Add in budgeting software capabilities and you have complete project management software that is flexible enough to succeed in a constantly evolving organization.

What you get from Integration Technology, Inc – Maker of OnTrax Manager:
We here at Integration Technology, Inc have put best of breed functionality into our project management / activity based costing software. After years of dealing with separate expense software, time tracking software, budgeting software and project planning software, our organization developed an integrated project management / activity based costing software package that is comparable to the best available in the market. We are 100% committed to continually enhancing our software to make it both functionally rich and easy to use.

Why? purchase individual packages such as:
    Project management software
    • Activity Based Costing
    Project planning software
    Budgeting software
    Time tracking software (timesheets)
    Expense software (expense report)
When you can get it all from OnTrax manager in one complete package!

Questions? If you have questions about our project management software please call and talk to one of our project management software experts today.

OnTrax Manager – Takes project management software to a new level!