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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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What type of technology is OnTrax Manger built upon? OnTrax Manager is built using state of the art Microsoft .NET technology. The product is 100% web based and easily deployable through out any LAN/WAN.
How long does it take to implement OnTrax Manager? OnTrax Manager can be up and running in as little as a few hours. For customers who want to integrate the system into their existing infrastructure, 2 days including planning and setup is typically all that is required.
Is OnTrax Manager Secure? OnTrax Manager was designed from the ground up with an organizations security needs in mind. Designed to handle security no matter what size the enterprise, OnTrax Manager limits access on each object to only those who are authorized.
What type of support is included? With each purchase of OnTrax Manager e-mail and full telephone support is included. We want to guarantee our customer success and the best way to do that is to make sure all new customers have the help they need to do things quickly and easily.

Can I import/export data? Build into OnTrax Manger is the capability to import/export data at no additional cost. Import capabilities get you up and running quickly. Export capabilities keep external system in sync and up to date.

I do not plan/budget on a fiscal basis. Is OnTrax Manager right for me? Although OnTrax Manager is designed to support fiscal based project planning and budgeting, any organization can use it. If a customer does not want to utilize the fiscal based capabilities, they can simply define one fiscal period that spans the entire calendar year. This will limit OnTrax Manager to the same level of functionality that our competitors currently provide.